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Our partners


The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is the second largest, public, non-profit research and expert organisation in Finland operating under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland. Its task is to promote competitive business based on the sustainable use of renewable natural resources, as well as wellbeing and the vitality of the countryside. Currently Luke is involved in about 115 EU-funded projects, of which 13 are Luke-led Horizon projects.


Cormatex is a textile machinery manufacturer, located in Prato (Italy) and operating on the international markets for more than 35 years. Founded in 1938, the company has diversified its own production, becoming a leader in customized solutions for the following two sectors: Woollen spinning and Nonwoven. Concerning Nonwoven, Cormatex developed a special technology called Airlay Lap formair, capable of recycling waste materials and end of life products to create new added value products for various applications (building, insulation, automotive, home furnishing ecc.)


FCBA and its teams of experts help companies in the forestry, cellulose, construction and furniture industries improve their competitiveness and speed up their ecological and digital transition.
It provides companies with the know-how of its teams and the technology of its laboratories. It assists professionals with Research, standardisation, training, testing, certification, and improves the quality of their products.


FiberLean Technologies is the world leader in Microfibrillated Cellulose and has made significant breakthroughs in new applications and platform technologies. Our proprietary process uses proven wet stirred media milling to separate pulp fibres into microfibrils and is robust, reliable and scalable. Our mission is to further industrialize and proliferate the use of Micro and Nano Cellulosics. These natural, renewable, abundant, high-performance materials have the power to lead a material science revolution towards a more sustainable future. FiberLean® Technologies is continuously establishing collaborations with leading market players and institutions to develop the applications that will make our vision a reality. FiberLean® Technologies has significant knowledge and understanding of MFC processing and how to optimise MFC products to suit different applications. We have the ability and capacity to produce MFC at lab, pilot and full industrial scale.


MANIFAKTURA is an innovative startup, that combines complementary skills developed in a decade of national and international experience in the wood-furniture sector, in particular in the field of product certifications, research training, innovative product development and tech transfer.
In addition to their know-how on #Circular Economy and #Open Innovation, MANIFAKTURA boasts a wide network of relationships and collaborations with Clusters, Universities, Research Centers, Associations and Corporates/SME.

Radboud University

At the Department of Aquatic Ecology and Environmental Biology of Radboud University, we focus on uncovering the key biogeochemical and ecological processes that underlie the functioning and benefits of wetland ecosystems. We are looking into interactions among organisms, surface waters, sediments, groundwater, and the atmosphere. Our insights into biogeochemistry and ecology are applied to the preservation and revitalization of wetland ecosystems as well as the development of sustainable solutions for water treatment and agriculture.


SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) is a leading agricultural university in the world, conducting education, research and environmental monitoring and assessment in collaboration with society. Through a focus on the interaction between humans, animals and ecosystems and the responsible use of natural resources, SLU contributes to sustainable societal development and good living conditions on our planet.


Since its creation in 1908, SOPREMA is an independent family group which is now positioned as one of the world's leading companies in the field of protection, energy efficiency and building management.
A responsible and pioneering industrialist, the Group is now a key player in this sector. SOPREMA offers high-performance, high-tech solutions that meet all the challenges of whatever renovation or new construction of both residential and non-residential buildings. SOPREMA systems are developed in an eco-design logic and today display exceptional performance in terms of quality and longevity. SOPREMA's vision: to act for the enhancement of the built heritage and the comfort of users, with the necessary reduction of its impact on the environment.

Steinbeis 2i GmbH

The Steinbeis 2i GmbH was founded in 2016 as a part of the Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, which stands for over thirty years of experience in innovating consulting and research funding throughout Europe and beyond. The core business activity is facilitating the path to European research funding and technology transfer for small and medium-sized enterprises, research organisations and universities. The focus is offering advice and support in participating in European research and technology transfer programmes, aiming to promote and develop the innovation capacity of local regions and enterprises.


Tearfil is a short staple, cotton type spinning mill founded in 1973. Initially we used classic ring and open end systems, but in 1987 a high quality fine yarn spinning mill was installed. In 1993 it was complemented with a special production line to spin colored mélanges. In 2000 as part of our company policy on innovation, a spinning laboratory was created, directed to the research and development of new products.


Vicat is a French company founded nearly 170 years ago in the footsteps of Louis Vicat. Today, working in 12 countries, the Group lays out a top-class offering of mineral and bio-based construction materials, along with services that meet the needs of the construction trades. Wherever it has cement plants, aggregate quarries, concrete batching plants, and factories manufacturing finishing products for the building industry, Vicat strives to produce locally and in so doing develop employment and the local economy. For some years now, under its commitment to ecological transition, the Group has been reducing the carbon impact of all its businesses and putting the virtues of circular economy into practice. Still family-run, the company cultivates a relationship of confidence with customers, partners, and employees on a daily basis.

Åbo Akademi University

Åbo Akademi University is the Swedish-language multidisciplinary academic university in Finland. We contribute to society through general learning, education, and new scientific knowledge. With campuses in Turku and Vaasa, Åbo Akademi University offers internationally renowned research and education. Through cross-border collaboration, we serve as the gateway to Finland for the Nordic countries. Research at the Laboratory of Natural Materials Technology focuses on the utilization of biomass in the development of current and future environmentally friendly products and processes.


Food4Sustainability CoLAB (F4S) is a non-for-profit association dedicated to innovation in sustainable food production. The 5 pillars of F4S research agenda are (i) circular economy, (ii) sustainable farming, (iii) natural capital, (iv) food, nutrition and wellbeing, and (v) innovation and entrepreneurship. F4S has a multidisciplinary and talented team dedicated to supporting the agricultural sector by executing and building value from research, development and deployment of innovation initiatives based on smart and sustainable applications. F4S has scientific expertise in agroecology, agronomy, soil science, remote sensing, and supporting biodiversity monitoring in situ. Food4Sustainability CoLAB has a great network of farmers and stakeholders, allowing the participation of representatives of the agrifood across europe.

HP Composites

HP Composites is leader in the design and production of carbon fiber components. Our core business is motorsport and automotive, but we work also in other high-end market. From 2010, year of birth, the company is growing exponentially both in terms of technological skills and in terms of volumes and turnover. HP currently carries out its production activities within five production plants, located at Ascoli Piceno – Italy, covering a total area of 22,000 sqm. Our strength are people. The extraordinary technological know-how allows us to support customers during all product development phases, from conceptual design to components series production. The great experience of the R&D department is our trump card, which allows us to offer innovative technologies and processes essential to satisfy the growing market demand.

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